The Executive Resource Group is a civic organization with 20 members that are tenured, connected professionals. Each of these executives is linked to at least 100 people with diverse backgrounds, representing a network of 2,000 resources. The group works with North Carolina Triad based companies, at no charge, to promote success.

The group obtains a completed survey which identifies an enterprise’s top challenges to success. The membership uses this information to connect firms’ top executives to targeted resources in their network, specialists in their fields that can resolve challenges.

Providing individualized trade shows to Triad businesses, The Executive Resource Group has worked with the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association, Safari Professionals, and Nicorub.

Here is what NSSA’s Dave Goren wrote:

“When I spoke to the Executive Resource Group, I was new to my job. The ERG members gave me plenty of good advice and offered help that I’ve been able to put to great use. They were a very valuable resource for me as I began to grow my business.”
—- Dave Goren, Executive Director, National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association

The Executive Resource Group is seeking qualified candidates, businesses that are one year old with five employees or more, willing to identify, disclose, and resolve challenges to planned objectives.


Accounting, Business Planning, Real Estate, Distribution, Facilities, Financial Services, Human Resources, IT, Logistics, Marketing, Packaging, Printing, Programming, Regulatory, Supply Chain, Technology Products/Services, Utilities Reduction